Learn how to Cook like a Pro from these KCBS Professional Pitmasters

How to Cook Brisket

6:00 pm Terry & Stephanie West      270 Smokers

7:00 pm Ray McIntyre                  Victory Smokers

How to Cook Ribs

6:00 pm Jeff & Kathy Ross      Beachdogs 502 BBQ

7:00 pm Charlie & Dennis               Blue Chip BBQ

How to Grill Steak & Burgers

7:30 pm Hal Wagner               Charcoal & More

Music, BBQ & Supplies

6:00 pm -10:00 pm

The Riflemen

Classic Country Music

6:00 pm - 10:00 pm

Uncle Ham's BBQ

Ribs    Ham Sliders    Pulled Pork    Potato Salad  Baked Beans   Cheesy Fries

BBQ Supply Vendors

BBQ Supply Vendors Displaying & Selling everything that you need to "Cook Like a Pro" at home

Rubs   Sauces   Smokers   Grills   Grilling Tools   Charcoal