Our Story

Friends of OBR was formed by Pappy Q Hillman in 2013 to help raise funds and awareness for Operation BBQ Relief.

Tom hosted several fundraising events that included cooking seminars, dinners and auctions.

In 2017 The Friends of Pitmaster Challenge was held in September as fun cooking contest that was also a great fundraiser for OBR. Big thanks to GFS for providing the competition meats.

In 2018 Rob Bailey is organizing Friends of OBR BBQ Bash and Pitmaster Challenge June 1 & 2. The BBQ Bash is to be a public event that includes, live country music, "How to Cook Like a Pro" classes taught by Champion KCBS Pitmasters, BBQ supply vendors and BBQ food vendors.

Meet the Friends of OBR Team

Our Volunteer list is so great that we cannot list everyone


Rob Bailey

Kentucky State Lead OBR

Roger Dietrich

Ohio State Lead OBR

Chris Wilson

Indiana State Lead OBR

How You can Help

You can help OBR provide Hot Meals for the next disaster deployment by:

  1. Singing up to be a volunteer
  2. Make A Donation
  3. Be a Sponsor for our event